We talk to the post-punk visionaries about conquering terror with music
Andrew Trendell
07:00 3rd December 2015

"It's about the music and the message: together, one and the same. It’s about bass, guitars, drums and vocals," said Savages when they announced their gripping thrill of a new album, Adore Life. "It’s about opening-out and never, ever dying. But most of all it’s about love, every kind of love. Love is the answer."

Indeed, such a brutal force of relentless energy, ideas and spirit comes when Savages take to the stage, that you can't imagine anything stopping them. The news of the Paris attacks shook the world. When 89 people were killed at an Eagles Of Death Metal gig at the Bataclan on Friday 13 November 2015, not only was it an atrocious act of mass murder, but an affront on our public spaces, and the freedoms we enjoy in celebrating culture. 

Savages' answer? Never give up. Fight hate with love. Fight fear with music. 

"I saw an interview with Jesse from Eagles Of Death Metal where he said 'I was raised to not really care what people thought of me, and if an asshole hates me then I want everybody to know that - I couldn't agree with that any more," frontwoman Jenny Beth tells Gigwise. 

When asked for advice to any fans who may be fearful of stepping back into venues, Jenny Beth replies: "Just do it, just do it - you can't give in to terror. Music will prevail, we need it more than before. Gemma was in Paris a couple of weeks ago for a show, I played last weekend at Cité de la Musique. We did it and what I thought is that Paris needs it more than any other time. I didn't think about it so much on stage, because I thought there's no point in bringing everyone back to that because people need to get off and have their music played back to them. It's not acting - you just have to carry on."

She adds: "I still think there's freedom to be gained, and other people say that there's too much freedom taken. We will fight for the freedom, for that joy and for music to be our religion."

Guitarist Gemma Thompson continues: "This was an affront to people and liberty. It's the strongest thing we can do - to carry on playing and bring everyone closer." 

Watch the video for 'The Answer' below

Now, Savages have also paid tribute to Eagles Of Death Metal in their own way. Inspired by Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon's generosity in giving all royalties from the band's cover of 'Save A Prayer' to charity, Eagles Of Death metal are promising the same for anyone wishing to cover 'I Love You All The Time' from Zipper Down - and are urging the likes of iTunes, Spotify and TIDAL to give generously too. 

"We have a song called 'I Love You All The Time' and if you're a country artist, a DJ, death metal, it doesn't matter, cover that song and we'll donate the publishing," said Eagles Of Death Metal's Josh Homme in their first full interview after the attacks

"Our label will donate the mastering and all the publishing. Also, I would challenge iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal; whomever delivers music to get on board and if that song is recorded to donate all of it so the entirety is designated to help anyone that was a victim of this Paris attack and ruined by this to recover again."

Savages did that very same thing, covering the song in Paris. Check it out below.  

"A year ago I was in LA and met some friends while they were working in the studio," Jenny Beth told the crowd. They were recording on a song and I helped them a little bit with some lyrics in French. We had a really great day. Since then they've released their new album and tonight we would like to play you this song because the band was Eagles of Death Metal"

You can make donations to help the victims of the attacks through Josh Homme's Sweet Stuff Foundation.

Meanwhile, Savages have also announced the following European tour dates. For tickets and information, visit here.

3 December - The Dome, Tufnell Park, London

Savages' upcoming UK 2016 tour dates are below. For tickets and more information, visit here

Savages will play:

Thu February 18 2016 - BEXHILL ON SEA De La Warr Pavilion
Fri February 19 2016 - CAMBRIDGE Junction
Sun February 21 2016 - GLASGOW Art School
Mon February 22 2016 - MANCHESTER Albert Hall
Tue February 23 2016 - LEEDS Irish Centre
Thu March 17 2016 - LONDON Roundhouse