The Brooklyn singer combined the dissonant with the harmonious for Gigwise
Will Butler

07:00 24th November 2015

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The loud clangs of Mitski's raging guitar echoed throughout our building's halls, as the Brooklyn singer-songwriter and Bandcamp champion paid us a visit to perform 'I Don't Like Smoke' from her latest album, Bury Me At Makeout Creek. 

Watch Mitski perform 'I Don't Smoke' live for the Gigwise Office Sessions below 

Mitski takes full advantage of the duality of performance art. Veering between angst and acceptance, rage and reconciliation, the ear-splitting with the heart-breaking. Even lyrically, as Mitski sings: "You can lean on my arm as you break my heart", there's a complicated essence purveyed that we'll never fully grasp.

The 'DIY' label that the Brooklyn songwriter harbours is falsely representational of music - the warm fuzz and cut-throat sentimentality is a big part of her craft, sure, but the vast promise she shows as an artist in constant development shouldn't be understated.

 Watch Mistki perform 'I Don't Smoke' for Gigwise below

Speaking to Gigwise, Mitski reflected on the nature of creative hunger: "Every single person you see on stage at big festivals is there because they really, really wanted it, and worked hard and sacrificed for it in their own way." She told us: "And I don’t understand why that’s not celebrated – why passion, and grit, and reaching for something mysterious and beautiful regardless of all the hard things that come with it, isn’t fucking 'cool."

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