Jack Jones from Swansea's Trampolene swung by the Gigwise office
Will Butler

12:35 5th November 2015

It'd be unfair to label Jack Jones, the frontman of Swansea's Trampolene, a 'punk-poet'. His hungry, tooth and nail rock songs could be classified as punk, sure, and his lyrical spoken-word pieces are undeniably poetry, but the connotations associated with such a label are not befitting of a voice as unique as Jones'.

Watch Trampolene perform 'It's Not Rock & Roll' for Gigwise's Office Sessions below

Partly contrarian but wholly honest, Trampolene's songs sidle the borders of 'lad-rock' and instead opt for a fun-loving and authentic expression of navigating life in your early-twenties. 'It's Not Rock & Roll' is an observational track that redirects the flagrant stereotypes of band-life right back in the faces of all who relish in them.

Watch Trampolene perform 'It's Not Rock & Roll' for Gigwise below

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Photo: Gigwise