Shirley Manson talks us through what went into each and every song on the classic record
Andrew Trendell
22:18 1st October 2015

"People have asked us that a lot, and I'm really not very sure why we really took off the way we did," Garbage's Shirley Manson tells Gigwise when quizzed her on why their self-titled debut was such an automatic classic. "Not a lot of bands were doing what we were doing - which was taking really loud rock guitars and mixing it with hip-hop beats and pop. That was really quite a fresh perspective back then."

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"I think it captured a lot of music writers' imaginations and radio supported us because it was a fresh new sound," Manson goes on. "As a result, I think a lot of people fell in love with that first record - because it was everywhere. I was everywhere."

But it was more than the sound that saw Garbage conquer the hearts and minds of the world - it was the energy, the ideas, the poetry and the spirit of the album that spoke to everyone from the casual music lover to the fringes of society finding solace in the music to take on their own demons. 

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