The singer opens up about how she's not so tough + their deep connection with fans
Andrew Trendell
22:01 1st October 2015

"I think people think that I'm scarier than I am," Shirley Manson admits to Gigwise, in a thoroughly non-threatening manner. "I was incredibly aggressive throughout my career. I mean, I'm aggressive girl, don't get me wrong - but I also love really hard. I care about people...I think people think I'm chilly and hard. I couldn't be more opposite from that."

Watch Shirley Manson discuss Garbage fans and the public opinion below

The idea of Manson as a rabid, hate-mongering she-demon couldn't be any further from the truth. It all stems from the fact that she doesn't suffer fools gladly, and doesn't want any bullshit getting in the way of Garbage's message. It is for that reason, that their fans are so hopelessly devoted.  

"It's just a connection that we make with people that's strong and powerful - if you're authentic and if you're truthful and honest. We've always striven to be that. I am honest to a fault, but I think that has helped to develop strong connections with us - and I think people believe us. When we speak, they know that they're getting the truth. Your fans trust you because they know you're not bullshitting them."

Check out Manson below, opening up about what people expect from her, why the band will never sell out and the vast diversity of their audience. 

 Watch Shirley Manson open up about Garbage fans below

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