The band open up about sadness, returning from the brink and moving on
Andrew Trendell

23:47 29th September 2015

"To us, it's interesting if it has a darkness," Editors' Tom Smith tells Gigwise. "Whatever that is. On the lyric side of things, if I was singing about dancefloors or happier or rosier things, it wouldn't ring true for me. I don't know why that is. People quite often say, 'oh, you write these sad lyrics but you're not a sad person' - and I'm not... I don't think you need to be sad to write a sad song, everybody has a dark side." 

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Darkness and melodrama are things that Editors have always traded in oh so well, but their epic and ambitious new album In Dream is one with far more colour life and scale than its predecessors. Impressive, considering they're now reaching their peak after returning from the brink when guitarist Chris Urbanowicz left the band during the making of  2013's The Weight Of Your Love. 

"When things were going wrong on our fourth record, we felt like we had no way of saying what we wanted to say anymore," admits Smith. "We nearly stopped then, but we found a new way of carrying on. 

"If that feeling comes again, we might have to think about opening up a bar."

Watch our view interview with Editors below

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