The punk-rap duo on expectations, tornados, and throwing up before shows
gigwise intern
13:56 21st May 2015

It's probably fair to say that Ho99o9's live show was the biggest talking point of The Great Escape. The duo's onstage presence exudes a disturbing, wide-eyed intensity as they thrash, as if possessed, around the stage and into the crowd. They spit water into each other's mouths, climb on top of anything and everything in their vicinity, and do somersaults into the crowd.

In person, though, they're entirely different. Calm, softly-spoken and occasionally gently mocking, there's just one thing that their onstage and in-person identity has in common - Ho99o9 don't suffer fools. When I ask them their favourite of their own lyrics, they clearly decide this is too asinine a question to answer politely - and instead TheOGM makes a retching sound, and EADDY quotes Britney Spears.

Watch Gigwise's interview with Ho99o9 below

Engage them on something they deem interesting though, and Ho99o9, just like their music, are sharp, engaging and candid - "I actually throw up before every show," admits TheOGM, "I get this exciting nervous."

This is not only Ho99o9's (pronounced, by the way, Horror) first time in the UK, but their "first time out the country period." They didn't have any expectations, and nor did a lot of people who ended up downstairs in Patterns on Friday night - but one thing's for sure; no-one's going to be forgetting them in a hurry.