The Grime MC gives some advice to the man he once called a 'donut'
Andy Morris
14:27 6th May 2015

Lethal Bizzle may usually focus on knockabout lyrics, fun dance routines and the only snapback Judi Dench approves of - but he's also more than capable of tackling much more serious topics.

This election week, Gigwise asked Bizzle what David Cameron can do to reconnect with young people.

"I don't think the government really speak to me or my audience as much as they probably think they do," says Bizzle. "They've got to do the obvious thing. They've got to work with the people who these people will listen to! I've said it back in 2006 - when I called him a donut -  you can't just push us to the side and be like 'That's the problem deal with it'. And then next minute, a riot happened and it's like 'Oh we need to start help these minorities!" 

Watch Gigwise's video interview with Lethal Bizzle above

Bizzle believes that the modern political parties have to do a far better job at making a connection with their electorate. Cameron must "try and reach the audience who may not feel a part of society".

The key appears to be finding those influencers on a young electorate who are distructful of politicians. "Find out who they listen to and who they feel they can connect with. Then try and have a connection with that person, that movement to try and get your message across and hear from the horse's mouth what you think you can do to help them. What all these politicians are talking about I don't think has any influence. The only influence on me is my taxes - I got to pay a shitload of tax and that's it!"

We naturally asked what music Bizzle would suggest that the current Prime Minister check out. "At the end of the day, everyone has their own taste in music I don't want to force anything upon him - I don't even want to suggest he listen to any grime as he might just kill the genre and no-one would want to listen to it any more. Stay away from that! Look at a lot of the artists in the urban culture, if you're trying to get to young people. Pay attention to the urban scene. Broaden your horizons a little bit more from Mumford & Sons."

The tune we settled on? Tempa T's all conquering 'Next Hype'. "Tempa T would be a real good insight. He's a real cool character - he's heavy into the grime scene and everyday life. He's become very spiritual these days. He's very inspiring, [into] motivational speaking. He's approaching it very differently but still has that authenticity to be a credible artist. He rounds up what happens in these minority small areas around the country. You could get a good insight spending a day with Tempa T."

Lethal Bizzle this month released 'Fester Skank', a true summer anthem in the making that looks set to top even the viral heights of 'Rari Workout'. Bizzle is also set to play Brownstock, Reading Festival and his own headlining tour in October. For tickets and more information click here.

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