As the new Led Zeppelin frontman...
Scott Colothan
14:40 28th October 2008

The news that Led Zeppelin are planning to tour without the legendary Robert Plant has got me thinking about who I would hate to see step in on vocal duties.

Below is a list of ten 'rock stars' who would truly make my blood boil (not to mention hardcore Zep fans) if they appeared on-stage alongside Jimmy Page, John-Paul Jones and Jason Bonham supposedly as Led Zeppelin any time soon.

While Robert Plant is putting his feet up after his lengthy touring commitments with Alison Krauss, there's a serious risk that if the remaining members make the wrong choice they could seriously tarnish the flawless Led Zeppelin name.

Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy is someone who is currently being brandished around by the rumour mill, but while he at least has some credibility, these ten -some of whom admittedly are a tad far fetched - are a whole lot worse.

Check who Jimmy, John-Paul and Jason should give a very wide berth below!

Post your comments below if you think any rock stars missing, or if you have any burning opinions on the issue. 

  • 10. Corey Taylor (masked) – In all honesty, I like Corey Taylor in Slipknot; in fact he's a damn fine front man in the context of his band. But imagine seeing someone leaping around manically in a dodgy horror mask at Zeppelin shows. Jesus wept.

  • 9. Liam Gallagher – In his old age Liam is losing his ability to sing very well. Kind of a problem when that's your job. He's overly arrogant for Led Zeppelin too.

  • 8. Kid Rock – Having this arrogant, violence-obsessed fool as the singer to perhaps the greatest rock band to grace our planet would be all too hard to swallow.

  • 7. Axl Rose – Imagine the scene; after years of delaying and finally releasing Chinese Democracy (to the point that no one gives a flying fuck about it), Rose announces he's to quit for the mighty Zeppelin. It'd be a wise career choice, but nothing short of a car crash for Zeppelin fans.

  • 6. Jon Bon Jovi – Just plain wrong. Very, very wrong.

  • 5. Jared Leto – The 'Hollywood heartthrob' and 30 Seconds To Mars singer would turn Led Zeppelin gigs into a teenage scream-fest. The thought of him singing 'Stairway To Heaven' in his generic drawl turns my stomach too.

  • 4. Bono – The U2 man's head would swell so much upon being given the job that it would probably explode, doing us all a massive favour the process.

  • 3. Scott Stapp – Possibly one of the direst rock vocalists of our generation and generally an irritating character. Please, please stay well clear Jimmy and co.

  • 2. Justin Hawkins – One of the most annoying people in music, Hawkins has cited Led Zeppelin as an influence in the past. With his warbling falsettos, slap-able face and garish costumes, Hawkins' inclusion in the band would be nothing short of a travesty.

  • 1. Chad Kroeger – The embodiment of the insipid rock star who has somehow became successful despite being devoid of personality and charisma. I'd make a better Led Zeppelin frontman.

Photo: PR Photos / WENN / Neil Lupin