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Session: Helsinki perform 'Rising Heights'

Babyshambles' Drew McConnell airs epic new single for Gigwise


There's much more to Drew McConnell than just being the bassist of Babyshambles. In his other project, Helsinki, you hear a true musician through and through - with an ambitious sound, arresting voice and a charming invitation into his view of the world.

Watch Helsinki performing 'Rising Heights' for Gigwise in the video above

"What went into writing it was I was upset about something," Drew told Gigwise. "Often at times when I'm upset, it makes me pick up the guitar."

With a far richer, more all-encompassing and cinematic sound and feel than any previous endeavours, 'Rising Heights' marks a promising launch for McConnell's new album, A Guide For The Perplexed - the sound of an artist shining in his own right, outside of any other legacy or misconceptions.

Not only does the record boast refreshing flourishes of surprising sounds and influences, but a staggering rollcall of guests; including Fionn Regan and Emma Gillespie, and not to forget Babyshambles bandmate Pete Doherty and Strokes turned solo star Albert Hammond Jr. 

Watch Helsinki performing 'Rising Heights' for Gigwise in the video above

'Rising Heights' is out now. Helsinki release A Guide For The Perplexed on 2 March - when they also play an album launch show at London's 100 Club. 

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