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Premiere: Vangoffey unveils 'Trials Of A Modern Man' video

The Supergrass drummer and songwriter returns with a new lease of life


Vangoffey Danny Goffey Trials Of A Modern Man premiere, Supergrass Photo: Press

Some bands have a legacy so great that living outside of its shadow can forever be a curse, however for former Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey, he's back and charged with a whole new lease of life and sense of purpose. 

Returning under the moniker of Vangoffey, the drummer and songwriter behind the seminal hits 'Alright' and 'Caught By The Fuzz' is here and stepping into the spotlight under his own terms. 'Trials Of The Modern Man' is a rush of indie punk abandon, charged with the ramshackle anthemics that you've come to love him for - but delivered with the compulsion of a man belting it out in his own voice and on his terms.

The accompanying video is every bit as chaotic as you'd expect. 

 Watch the video for 'Trials Of The Modern Man' on Gigwise first below

'Trials Of A Modern Man' is out on 6 November, taken from Vangoffey's debut solo album, Take Off Your Jacket & Get Into It - scheduled for release on 23 October. 

For more information on Vangoffey, find him on:
Official Website

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