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Watch Chance The Rapper go mental to name-check from Kanye West

'The way that man's mind works, that's some next level shit'


Chance The Rapper reacts to shout out from Kanye West on stage Photo: Twitter, Complex

Kanye West name-checked Chance The Rapper onstage at Ottawa Bluesfest this weekend, and Chance was delighted - overly so. Watch his reaction below.

The rapper first started to gain recognition two years ago, when he released his second mixtape Acid Rap aged 20. Since then he's collaborated with Vic Mensa, Action Bronson, Childish Gambino.

He's made no secret of the influence Kanye West has had over his music over the years, even revealing that West's 2004 debut album, The College Dropout, was the first hip-hop album he ever purchased.

It's hardly surprising, then, that when West called Chance "one of the most talented new artists" onstage in Ottawa last week, he dropped to the floor and slapped the ground before standing up and punching the air. He then jumped up and down and high-fived everyone around him.

He became quieter and more emotional when West said, "As far as the way that man's mind works, and the way those rhymes work together, that's some next level shit."

Watch Chance The Rapper react to Kanye West's shout-out below



Kanye shouts out Chance at #ottawabluesfest @chancetherapper

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Kanye Shouts out Chance at #ottawabluesfest Part 2 @chancetherapper

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Chance The Rapper's debut studio album as part of The Social Experiment, Surf, was released in May.

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