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Watch a trailer for a truly terrible Kurt Cobain docudrama

Montage Of Dreck more like


Watch the trailer for Kurt Cobain drama Soaked In Bleach Photo:

A new trailer has emerged for a conspiracy theory focused Kurt Cobain docudrama. It looks awful. Watch it below.

Following in the footsteps of Brett Morgen's acclaimed Montage of Heck another significantly less insightful documentary about Kurt Cobain is set for release. Benjamin Statler's lurid Soaked in Bleach seems to have none of the rigour of Morgen's story, nor involvement of any of the key figures nor any discernable facts.

The film appears to be based entirely around the conspiracy theory that Kurt Cobain was killed by wife Courtney Love based on the private investigator Tom Grant, who was hired to find Cobain after he disappeared from rehab. Actors include Sarah Scott as Love, Tyler Bryan as Cobain and Daniel Roebuck (aka Dr. Arzt from Lost) as Grant. Note you can cope with lines like 'If there was a John Lennon type figure for Generation X' and "It's entirely possible that a police officer might not notice a particular type of evidence" this may be the documentary for you. 

Below: Watch the trailer for 'Soaked In Bleach'

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