by Alexandra Pollard, Ed Keeble Contributor

Session: Freddie Dickson performs 'She Wants You'

Watch the London singer in session at Gibson HQ


Freddie Dickson's singing voice was once described by a music publication as "like someone has jabbed a blade into his vena cava." Intrigued and a little bit frightened, we invited him to perform 'She Wants You' in session for Gigwise. Watch it above.

Watch Freddie Dickson perform 'She Wants You' for Gigwise above

Dickson's melancholic, soulful brand of pop has garnered comparisons to the likes of Lana Del Rey, The Neighbourhood and Blonds. Dickson himself simply describes his sound as "doom pop" - and we're inclined to agree.

In his rendition of 'She Wants You' for Gigwise, filmed at Gibson's London headquarters, Dickson showcased his powerful upper register while pouring grit and emotion into every line.

Freddie Dickson plays Live at Leeds tomorrow at 7pm on the Communion Stage, Holy Trinity Church, and then at The Great Escape, on the Vevo Stage on Saturday, 16 May.

Alexandra Pollard, Ed Keeble


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