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Ali Love — ‘Secret Sunday Lover’



Ali Love — ‘Secret Sunday Lover’ Photo:
Ali Love keeps the Sabbath a little-less-holier-than-thou with ‘Secret Sunday Lover’, a track involving “fucking on 69” that’s about as funky as early Phoenix/Maroon 5/that album Prince just gave away for free. At least the self-proclaimed “Captain Love”— on his website, he refers to ‘SSL’ as “space funk disco”— is self-aware enough to plant his tongue firmly in his cheek before he sticks it anywhere else; he’s also savvy enough to push the song’s biggest turn-on— a horrorshow stab of rapid-fire ‘Psycho’-synths— to its forefront, then pack said stabs into just about every spare space thereafter (ah, the sweet smell of Hot Chipped repetition). Guaranteed to be scoring the next set of ‘Skins’ promos while Love himself is probably just scoring.     

Kyle Meikle


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