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Maps — ‘You Don’t Know Her Name’



Maps — ‘You Don’t Know Her Name’ Photo:
‘You Don’t Know Her Name’, but you’ll sure as hell want to if she’s any bit as sensually off-the-cuff as the latest lo-fi opus from Northampton-based outfit Maps. James Chapman’s breathy vocals (“We’ll disappear when you can trace”) float over a demi-danceable baseline and stammering beats while an atmospheric array of synths act as white noise behind the track’s wash-over-you chorus, when the slightly off-keyboard gives way to sighing waves of ecstasy. Maps’ digi-phobia— ‘Name’, like the rest of ‘We Can Create’, was recorded onto 16-track— only adds to the song’s idiosyncratic appeal: perfectly simple, and simply perfect, pop.   

Kyle Meikle


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