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Pull Tiger Tail — ‘Hurricanes’



Pull Tiger Tail — ‘Hurricanes’ Photo:
Former Klaxons flatmates Pull Tiger Tail continue the meteorological-mindedness of ‘Let’s Lightning’ with the equally atmospheric (if somewhat more dour) ‘Hurricanes’, a blustery tale about leaving town from the trio of Stratford-Upon-Avon-to-London émigrés. ‘Hurricanes’ sounds every bit as grand and windswept as its title suggests, nearing the eye and ear of the storm around minute two with near-revelatory snyths battering against Marcus Ardere’s fragile falsetto to awesome effect. The track should inspire a whole slew of storm-chasers— this shit would destroy live. 

Released 18/06/07 on B-Unique Records

Kyle Meikle


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