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Doddodo - 'Sample Bitch Story' (Adaadat) Released 27/03/06

And may shock fans...



Doddodo - 'Sample Bitch Story' (Adaadat) Released 27/03/06 Photo:

Mad as a bag of badgers and as sweet as ninjas, Japanese audio terrorist Doddodo, drops a full length (well almost) LP that confuses as much as it inspires. Fresh from touring with DJ Scotch Egg (kinda says it all) Osaka’s Namin Haku takes you to a world of broken Casio keyboards, Hip Hop beats and Nintendo NES style glitches…

First track ‘ABCDOSAKA’ is scratchy boom-bap hip hop funk and after hearing this you are lulled into a false sense of security. The beats and scratches whizz and race and wouldn’t be out of place on seminal Brookln-ite Danger Mouse’s resume. After this though things start to get a tad strange… ‘Passenger of The Heart’ is, technically speaking, fucking nuts. Garbling noises, Screams and just pure unadulterated white noise is the order of the day here band and it rocks. Sure she’s not gonna change the way you dress or how you cut your hair but as least she sounds like she’s trying. Best track ‘King Of Tomorrow’ and album highlight ‘Waltz Core’ are cooler than cool has been for a while; the latter being an English country garden style exercise in snootiness rolled out to P-H-A-T hip hop beats and beaks. The album closes with ‘Doddodo Death’ which uses mistimed breaks and Masonic chants to really fuck you up.

Twenty two minutes pass and Sample Bitch Story’s eight tracks are over, a lesson in how not to make music that surprisingly works really well. You will not be humming the songs or quoting any great lyrics and how you would dance to this is anyone’s guess but this album is a Triumph. A mind bending, sometimes confusing, always incomprehensible triumph but a triumph nonetheless…

Jonson Walker


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