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Yoko Ono Says Bono Is John Lennon's Son

Secret love child?!...



Yoko Ono Says Bono Is John Lennon's Son Photo:

BonoU2 front man Bono has revealed that Yoko Ono once told him that he was John Lennon’s son.

Speaking to the Rolling Stone Bono said: “Yoko came up to me when I was in my twenties, and she put her hand on me and she said, 'You are John's son.' What an amazing compliment!”

He also told how Lennon’s solo album with the Plastic Ono band in which he deals with the death of his mother Julia helped him cope with the death of his own mother when he was 14.

He said: "For me it was like he Lennon was talking about the veil lifting off, the scales falling from the eyes. Seeing out the window with a new clarity that love brings you. I remember that feeling."

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