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Lily Allen mocks Azealia Banks by changing her Twitter profile pic

Someone still has a bee stuck in their bonnet


Lily Allen mocks Azealia Banks by changing her Twitter profile pic Photo:

Lily Allen still has an axe to grind when it comes to rapper Azealia Banks, having mocked the rapper with her Twitter profile pic.

The pair had an extended Twitter spat in July 2013 after Azealia Banks called Lily Allen's children "ugly" and said that her husband Sam Cooper looked like a "thumb". Allen responded by calling the rapper a "one-hit wonder" before posting a picture of a penis made up to resemble a black person.

Yesterday (17 February), Allen changed her profile picture on Twitter, showing a screen grab of Banks' Twitter. The tweets shown are Banks attempting to get label Universal to drop her, with Tweets saying "I should have signed to Sony" and "Can someone at Sony buy me off please. I'm in hell here."

Allen has since deleted the profile picture, but it nevertheless shows that singer really is having trouble letting go of the argument. The dig also implies that Allen is revelling in Banks' current label and debut album strife. 

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