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Beck shocked after The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne called him a 'd**k'

Beck believed everyone in music hated him


Beck shocked after The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne called him a 'd**k' Photo:

Beck has expressed his surprise and and concerns after he was branded a dick by the Flaming Lip's Wayne Coyne. 

Back in 2002 Beck hired the Flaming Lips to support him on tour, but fell ill during the stint on the road. A fact that he believes Coyne may have mistaken for cockiness, hence why he was branded a dick by The Flaming Lips singer. In an interview with Mojo Beck explained that this led him to believe everyone in the music industry hated him. 

''I really don't know [why he said that]," Beck told MOJO magazine. "I was very surprised, because I have a videotape of the last night where they were saying, 'I love you, this tour has changed our lives, you're a brother', so it really messed my head up. I went around for a year thinking people hated me.''

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He continued: ''Wayne probably sensed I'm the kind of guy who cares what people think, that I don't come off as some asshole rock-star type. What he didn't know was that I was really sick during the tour, I had some condition and I barely had the strength to pick up a guitar."

''So after the shows, I had to go to my bunk and sleep. One show, I got food poisoning so I delayed it half an hour, which he probably thought was theatrical. But we had a good time! I was hoping afterwards that we'd do a record together.''

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