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Watch: Lego Movie theme song, 'Everything Is Awesome' gets new video

Tegan + Sara, Lonely Island perform theme track


Watch: Lego Movie theme song, 'Everything Is Awesome' gets new video Photo:

The music video for The Lego Movie's 'Everything is Awesome' track, as performed by the Lonely Island and Tegan + Sara, has premiered online. Check it out below.

It's a tongue in cheek affair, much like the Lego Movie itself that plays upon the ideal of what a song for a children's movie should sound like. It has a bubblegum sound so sweet it's likely to give your ears stomach ache, but at the same time is hugely catchy. The track is performed by The Lonely Island and Tegan and Sara.

Check out the music video for 'Everything is Awesome' below

As for the movie itself, it has been opening to surprisingly good reviews, balancing different types of humour without pandering to a young audience. The film also incoporates satirical commentary through visions of vaguely dystopian world (seriously). It's better than the new Robocop movie.

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