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Watch: Bob Dylan appears in Super Bowl Chrysler commercial

Singer narrates and stars in the car advert


Watch: Bob Dylan appears in Super Bowl Chrysler commercial Photo:

Although the Super Bowl is - technically - an American Football match, in reality the sport comes second to two things: the halftime show, and the "commercials." Now even Bob Dylan has got in on the latter.

Dylan stars in an advert for American car manufacturers Chrysler, which features stock footage of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, interspersed with instagram style footage of very American things like cheerleading and motorcycles.

In his voiceover, Dylan asks "Is there anything more American than America?" To which we would have to say no. He then declares, "Detroit made cars, and cars made America", which is slightly more debatable.

Watch Bob Dylan's Chrysler commercial here

The public reaction to Dylan's appearance in the commercial was mixed to say the least, with some accusing the singer, famous for songs such as 'Blowing In The Wind' and 'Like A Rolling Stone,' of selling out.


Another twitter user described the appearance as "beyond a doubt, the worst commercial I've ever seen." So... it was a bit of a car crash then?

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