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Rapper Kreayshawn reveals she earned only $0.01 from debut album

Viral hits don't bring in the cash...


Rapper Kreayshawn reveals she earned only $0.01 from debut album Photo:

US rapper Kreayshawn, who was tipped for big things in 2011, has revealed the earning's from her debut album, Somethin' Bout Kreay. She won't be retiring off the proceeds.

The rapper proved something of a flop when she released the album in 2011, selling only 3,900 copies in America on its first week of release, despite viral success with her single, 'Gucci Gucci' - which has been viewed over 45 million times on YouTube.

However, despite selling some copies of the album, Kreayshawn pocketed next to nothing from the release, and revealed on Twitter that she earned one cent from the album. See the tweet below.



The rapper's music career has gone quiet in the years since, despite revealing a new track, 'Baby Cakes' in early 2013.

Watch Kreayshawn's 'Guccie Gucci' video below.

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