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The Killers star Ronnie Vannucci Jr. recalls bizarre UFO experience

It's all happening out in the desert


The Killers star Ronnie Vannucci Jr. recalls bizarre UFO experience Photo:

The Killers' drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. has recalled a bizarre experience with a UFO, which took place prior to his role in one of the world's biggest pop-rock bands.

When working as a luggage courier for an airline, Vannucci explains that he spotted a UFO whilst on a road trop in Nevada whilst on a job. He tells Q magazine he was dumbfounded when watching a strange lazer-like object zip through the sky before eventually bursting into a blinding flash of light.

"I was driving to the middle of Nevada on (Route) 95 North and I saw this red dot in the sky, almost like a lazer pointer kind of red but it was bigger and it was doing all these motions like normal flight patterns and then it would zip down and go really quick," Vannucci tells the magazine.

The drummer proceeded to pull over as he watched the strange light fall behind a mountain: "It went behind this mountain range. It was night so the sun was going down and there was this giant flash of light afterwards, like a strobe, and it was gone."

It looks like we may not be alone after all thanks to Vancucci, who was adamant he saw the UFO: "It was crazy. I'm not making any of that up."

Below: The Killers, live at Hammersmith Apollo, 2013

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