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by Gaby Whitehill

Giorgio Moroder: 'Star Wars influenced Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love''

Sci fi movies inspired the disco classic


Giorgio Moroder: 'Star Wars influenced Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love'' Photo:

Influential Italian record producer Giorgio Moroder has revealed how the iconic Donna Summer track 'I Feel Love' was partly inspired by the Star Wars films. 

Moroder, 73, told The Guardian that Star Wars was the initial spark that began the creative process of making 'I Feel Love', saying: "If I remember, I looked at the movie Star Wars which had a scene called La Cantina where they supposedly played the music of the future.

"I didn't think it sounded like the music of the future - it looked like it, but didn't sound like it.So I thought the only way to do it is to do it with computers - only computers."

Listen to Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' below:

He also joked that his collaboration with Daft Punk on Random Access Memories had brought him "out of retirement", adding that he had told his life story in the studio for almost three hours to create the track 'Giorgio by Moroder'. 

The producer also discussed his plans for an epic Las Vegas based disco stage show entitled A Night With Georgio Moroder. 

Moroder stopped in London to appear at the inaugural LEAF electronic music festival, a four day event curated by Rob da Bank which also saw performances from the likes of Major Lazer and Omar Souleyman.

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