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Lorde says 'f**k no' to collaborating with 'gross' David Guetta

Kiwi songstress speaks her mind on DJ


Lorde says 'f**k no' to collaborating with 'gross' David Guetta Photo: WENN

Lorde's manager Scott Maclachlan received short shrift recently when he floated the idea of a collaboration with uber-huge hitmaker David Guetta - with the 'Royals' star calling him 'gross'.

During an interview with Australian website FasterLouder, Maclachlan said he pulled the 16-year-old star to one side to inform her of the offer to work with the 'Titanium' house DJ. The suggestion didn't go down too well. 

The only words he received in return were "No. Fuck No. He's so gross"

Watch the video for 'Royals' by Lorde below

The Kiwi starlet set up her stall with 'Royals', a defiant stand against materialism and selling-out for success. We're glad to see that she is one pop star who is so far practising what she preaches, as working with Guetta is a clad-iron guarantee of huge record sales.

Lorde's debut album, Pure Heroine, was released on 27 September this year in her native New Zealand, and has won her favourable comparisons with such other female stars as Adele and Lana Del Rey. As good as it is, this has to be by far her finest moment to date.

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