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Lady Gaga hoping to perform new album ARTPOP in full at live shows

Star reveals hopes for full playback of album


Lady Gaga hoping to perform new album ARTPOP in full at live shows Photo:

Lady Gaga has told fans on Twitter that she wishes to play upcoming album ARTPOP in its entirety at her shows.

The singer also revealed that her favourite part of the record is that lead single 'Applause' closes the much-anticipated album. "Favourite part of tracklisting, that APPLAUSE ends the album," she wrote. "My dream is to do the entire album top to bottom every night at the show!"

It was recently announced Gaga's second single from ARTPOP will be 'Venus'. The star engaged her fans, dubbed "Little Monsters", in a game on Twitter, encouraging them to guess what the follow-up single to 'Applause' would be by trending their ideas on Twitter. 

Watch the video for 'Applause' below:

The full tracklisting for ARTPOP has now too been announced. It consists of fifteen tracks and features guest appearances from the likes of R Kelly and T.I. ARTPOP will be released on the 11th November.

Below: every step of ARTPOP, from rumours to release date

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