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Paul McCartney 'paranoid' of asking Thom Yorke to record duet

Beatles icon also talks Dylan and Lennon


Paul McCartney 'paranoid' of asking Thom Yorke to record duet Photo:

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that he is keen to record with Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, but is paranoid the star will reject his offer.

The Beatles' icon claims that he is under pressure from fashion designer daughter Stella McCartney to team up with the Radiohead and Atoms For Peace star, but worries he will be too busy to collaborate.

"My daughter Stella is very keen. She's got a project, she keeps saying to me, 'Ring Thom and just go into the studio and just see what you come out with'," McCartney tells NME. "I'm a bit sort of paranoid to just ring him up. 'Hey Thom, it's Paul here. What do you fancy, what are you doing? Do you fancy writing something?' Just in case he says, 'Er, actually I'm busy'."

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He also adds that he would still consider working with Bob Dylan, but adds that after working with John Lennon, he has been 'spoiled' when it comes to collaborators.

"There were big rumours a couple of years ago about me and Bob Dylan writing together, and I've still got that at the back of my mind. I would like to do it," he adds.

"But I'm spoiled for collaborators because I had John. And I've got to be very unrealistic to think I'll find a better collaborator than him."

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