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'Beat It' - Michael Jackson Fulham Football Club statue to be torn down

Monument not part of Fulham development


'Beat It' - Michael Jackson Fulham Football Club statue to be torn down Photo:

Shahid Khan will return a statue of Michael Jackson to Mohamed Al Fayed, after Fulham Football club revealed the monument would not be included in the Craven Cottage development plans.

The statue was met with a negative reaction when Al Fayed first presented it to Fulham in 2011, and now it will be returned to the Harrods boss after two years outside the Hammersmith Stand.

"The statue is not part of the Riverside development of the stadium and will be returned to the former chairman in due course," says a statement from the club, confirming news that will no doubt please fans of Fulham, Michael Jackson and good taste everywhere.

Al Fayad's gift will be returned to the Harrods owner as Fulham redevelop

When Fayed gave the statue to Fulham in 2011, he claimed Jackson had been a fan of Fulham after the music icon was seen once at the ground. The statue was widely criticised, but Fayed told detractors to 'go to hell'.

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