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'It's more expensive than my rent!' Fleetwood Mac fans angry at ticket prices

Ticket prices for UK shows upset fans


'It's more expensive than my rent!' Fleetwood Mac fans angry at ticket prices Photo:

Fleetwood Mac fans' excitement at the band's UK tour announcement quickly turned to anger when it was revealed that they would be charged up to £140 to see the band perform live on their Autumn tour.

Sure, it's a bargain compared to the price of Rolling Stones tickets last year, but fans have vented their anger online after prices were announced.

"Seriously???? Fleetwood Mac tickets £125 plus £12.50 BOOKING FEE," wrote Joe Cody

"Tickets for Fleetwood Mac are ridic (but not unlike others...) - start at £50.00 up to £125.00. My money is on them playing Bestival," tweeted @taraevans.

"Would I be utterly crazy to pay £140 for a Fleetwood Mac ticket?" says @Mc_Adam88.

@WhatKayleighdid pondered buying tickets or keeping a roof over her head, saying: "Sorry Fleetwood Mac but your tickets cost more than my rent. *cries*"

Others considered extreme measures to ensure securing tickets, with @Spiral_Scratch tweeting: "When do tickets for Fleetwood Mac go on sale? Just so I have time to sell my arse to Satan for the cash."

Fleetwood Mac will perform five UK shows in September, October 2013

Beyonce didn't escape criticism either, with @Jason_The_Guy slamming prices for her upcoming UK shows.

"£135 each for Fleetwood Mac tickets... are they having a giraffe? Top price Beyonce tickets look set to be £95 too. Robbing bastards," he wrote.

Below: what can we expect to see at Fleetwood Mac's Autumn gigs?

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