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Chris Brown protesters use pic of Rihanna's battered face on posters

Stockholm protesters against Brown's show


Chris Brown protesters use pic of Rihanna's battered face on posters Photo: WENN / Twitter/YouNeedTheFix

Chris Brown's upcoming concert in Stockholm has already faced criticism - in the form of fake posters that have been put around the city.

The posters at first appeared to promote the show, as they have the logos of the presenters behind the event and the words, in Swedish, "buy your ticket at Ticketmaster Sweden." However, instead of an image of Chris's face, the protesters have instead used the police shot of Rihanna's face taken directly after the incident.

The posters call for the organisers to cancel the show in protest of Chris's assault charges on Rihanna. They've been seen in various places around the city, and Swedish Twitter users have been uploading photos of the posters to their accounts.

Twitter user YouNeedTheFix posted the above image to their account.

However, some internet users have labelled the posters as distasteful, stating that Rihanna's image shouldn't be used to promote the cause.

It makes a change from Chris Brown himself doing something potentially offensive - only last month he was dressed up as a terrorist for Halloween, and earlier this year he receieved criticism after his new tattoo looked a lot like the image of Rihanna's face.

Check out some of his most offensive moments below:

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