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Daniel Craig: 'Adele's Skyfall theme moved me to tears'

007 says 'Skyfall' has perfect soundtrack


Daniel Craig: 'Adele's Skyfall theme moved me to tears' Photo: WENN

Hard-man actor Daniel Craig has confessed that he was brought to tears by Adele's 'Skyfall' track.

The song was penned as the soundtrack for the 23rd James Bond film, and has been championed by none other than 007 himself.

Craig told Yahoo! Movies: "I cried. From the opening bars I knew immediately, then the voice kicked in and it was exactly what I'd wanted from the beginning."

He went on to describe how he felt the song 'perfectly fitted' the on-screen action.

"It just got better and better because it fitted the movie. In fact the more of the movie we made, the more it fitted it."

As well as the film's leading man, Adele has also been heaped with praise from director, Sam Mendes.

He explained how the singer had some reservations when asked to write the soundtrack.

Mendes recalled: "She came in very early before we started shooting and her main concern was, 'I write songs about myself, how can I make a 'Bond' song?

"My answer was, 'Just write a personal song!' Carly Simon's 'Nobody Does it Better' was a love song."

Adele penned 'Skyfall' with producer Paul Epworth

The movie's producers were equally complimentary about Adele.

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson insisted that she was always their first choice for the soundtrack.

Their statement came after rumours that they had originally approached stadium-rock trio, Muse, to pen the song.

Bizarrely, the track has already been covered twice by novelty acts Jedward and Willow Smith.

Craig's admission caps a great week for Adele after she also gave birth to her first child on Friday.

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