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Video: Halloween House gets Gangnam Style festive makeover

House transformed for synchronised light show


Video: Halloween House gets Gangnam Style festive makeover Photo:

A video that shows the front of a house transformed into a Psy 'Gangnam Style' Halloween Light Sequence is likely to impress even people who hate the song! Watch the incredible video below.

The clever stunt has been filmed and put on YouTube by user @Elbowdeepz ahead of the October holiday.

YouTube user @mcgeen1 commented on the video "This is really awesome!! Have any problems with the neighbors complaining about the flashing lights?" to which @Elbowdeepz replied "Only complaint this year from the neighbors was why I didn't start earlier in the month ;) Thanks for the kind words!"

Even Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) has got in on the 'Gangnam Style' success 

Psy's hit single has enjoyed worldwide success since its release and recently became the most liked YouTube video of all time. With its fun dace routine, catchy chorus and hyper-reality style video the song topped the iTunes chart in over 30 countries before reaching the summit of the UK singles chart earlier this month.

Below: Watch the Gangnam Style House Light Show

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