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Wembley Stadium boss: 'Springsteen shut-down was necessary'

Jim Frayling supports Hyde Park curfew


Wembley Stadium boss: 'Springsteen shut-down was necessary' Photo:

The boss of one of London's biggest music and sports venues, Wembley stadium, has spoken out in support of the strictly enforced curfew which saw Bruce Springsteen's Hyde Park concert last weekend shut down during a duet with Paul McCartney.

Jim Frayling, the Wembley Stadium boss, says he wishes artists would show more respect for the curfews, adding that they are set for health and safety reasons - and that it is in the audience's interest that artists finish performances on time.

"Nobody likes enforcing curfews. We'd all rather the artist play on. But we have to for future shows and licences," says Frayling. "And we could do with artists appreciating that a little more. It is the HSE who are being disingenuous here.

"Live Nation explained fairly that it was to allow fans to get home safely. Having a 60k crowd cross Park Lane mixing with traffic would not be ideal.

"So it was 'in the interests of the public's health and safety' to shut the gig off.

The summer's string of Hyde Park shows has been hit with problems and controversy over recent weeks. Weather conditions at Wireless festival were so severe that a planned PWL show was cancelled due to the state of the ground while Roxy Music legend Bryan Ferry claimed that the 'embrassing' shows should be stopped after Springsteen's shut-down.

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