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Mike Love booking solo shows under Beach Boys name

Brian Wilson had no idea of South America plans


Mike Love booking solo shows under Beach Boys name Photo:

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Mike Love has booked further Beach Boys shows for after the current anniversary tour – without telling any of the other founding members.
When Rolling Stone mentioned it to Brian Wilson, the 70-year-old songwriter was surprised, saying: “I wasn't aware that Mike had some shows in South America. News to me.”
However, Wilson remained optimistic about the future of the Beach Boys and seemed hopeful that the current reunion tour would not be the end. He went on to say: “There has been talk of doing more shows with the Boys and possibly a new record, which I would love to do.”
He added: “This reunion is blowing my mind.”
Mike Love, Brian Wilson and Al Jardine all put their touring bands on hold in order to focus fully on the reunion tour. Love has licensed the Beach Boys name since 1998, leaving Wilson to tour under his own name and Jardine has been performing with his Endless Summer band.
Wilson is enthusiastic about the current tour, saying: “As for me, the tour is going great. I'm having a blast. I love watching the Boys on stage. ‘That's Why God Made the Radio’ charted at Number Three! Can you believe a Number Three album?
The Beach Boys are currently in the middle of their 50th anniversary reunion tour.

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