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Listen: A-Trak remixes Justice's 'New Lands'

Subtlety replaced with a whole lot more NOISE


Listen: A-Trak remixes Justice's 'New Lands' Photo:

OK, so this remix has been banging around social networks for the past few days but that's because what A-Trak has done to Justice's 'New Lands' is indeed worth sharing - and listening.

A great big Ed Banger remix love-in, the Montreal DJ and remixer has turned slick Justice's 'Audio Video Disco' album track into a hard, noisy club anthem, tearing out the rolling guitars and replacing with ferocious pounding beats.

The original is taken from Justice's 2011 album and features vocals from Mogren Phalen of Diamond Nights.

Listen to A-Trak's remix of Justice's 'New Lands' below. It is quite noisy - but quite brilliant.

Michael Baggs


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