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Brandon Flowers' solo bid was Killers comeback 'training'

The Killers give first interview about upcoming fourth album, 'Battle Born'


Brandon Flowers' solo bid was Killers comeback 'training' Photo:

Brandon Flowers has revealed that his solo album was like 'training' for The Killers' comeback, as the band begin discussing their upcoming fourth album 'Battle Born'.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Flowers and his bandmates discuss their first album in four years, and spoken of how some of the new tracks came to life.

"It was like being in training," says Brandon Flowers of his solo album, 'Flamingo'. "I was keeping myself not just occupied, but ready."

"We write a very particular type of song when we get together," he adds.. "So many people try to find something wrong with it, but I'm not embarrassed by it."

Bandmate Ronnie Vannucci recalls how new track 'Runaways' was first performed for fans in 2009 - but reveals how a bad reaction from the audience didn't put the band off persisting with the track.

"We were like, 'F**k that show, this song is great!'"

Other new song titles on 'Battle Born' have been confirmed as "Heart of a Girl," "Flesh and Bone" and "Carry Me Home".

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