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Morrisey cuts concert short due to 'macho' security

The singer storms off stage after crowd staff treat fans badly at gig


Morrisey cuts concert short due to 'macho' security Photo:

Morrissey stormed off stage last Friday (May 25), cutting his own show short after arguing with security officials.

The singer was performing in California at the Rabobank Theatre, Bakersfield, when he accused the security staff of treating the fans badly near the stage.

Morrissey told the audience that the crowd control staff were being ‘macho’, subsequently cutting the performance short during his encore.

This is not Morrissey’s first clash with security in America, back in December the former The Smiths frontman stormed off stage in Michigan, after accusing the staff of ‘assaulting’ fans.

Morrissey has also hit headlines recently for attacking clothing brand Uniqlo concerning the wool they use to make their clothes. Accusing the company of mutilating sheep for the sake of fashion.

Below: Morrisey play's London Brixton Academy

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