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New study links loud music to drug use, unprotected sex

Statistics suggest MP3 players and clubs go hand in hand with bad behaviour


New study links loud music to drug use, unprotected sex Photo: WENN

People who listen to loud music on their MP3 player on in nightclubs are more likely to do drugs and have unprotected sex, according to a new study in Holland.

Dutch journal Pediatrics studied 944 low-income students at two vocational schools in the Netherlands discovering that those who listened to loud music were almost twice as likely as non-listeners to smoke pot, the study says. Additionally, those who regularly spend time in clubs or at gigs are nearly six times more likely to binge-drink than those who don't.

'Loud Music' was qualified as music played at 89 dBA for at least an hour per day.

The study also found that those who listened to music at these dangerous levels were also nearly twice as likely to use cannabis and 1.10 times more likely to have unprotected sex.

Researchers at Pediatrics made it clear that the loud music doesn't cause people to act in a more dangerous manner, merely that there is a strong correlation between both sets of behaviour.

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