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Beth Ditto reveals plans to marry long-term girlfriend

Gossip frontwoman announces her engagement to assistant Kristin Ogata


Beth Ditto reveals plans to marry long-term girlfriend Photo:

Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto has announced her engagement to Kristin Ogata, and the two are planning to marry in June 2013.

Ditto has been in a relationship with Ogata, her assistant, for several years and the lesbian couple are planning a summer ceremony in Hawaii.

"I'm getting married next year to my partner Kristen in June. I'm doing it in Hawaii because my girlfriend is from there," Ditto reveals, having embarked on her current romance after breaking up with long-term partner Freddie Fagula in 2010.

"It was something that I kept hidden deep inside of me," Ditto previously revealed. "But everyone knew. Even people are parties and clubs would be like: 'When are they (me and Kristen) going to get together?'

"There was always a little guilt inside of me because I felt I was cheating, but I never cheated. We never did anything ... I dated Freddie for nine years, and I was always worried it was going to end. With Kristen I never worry about it ending, I just feel completely full and whole."

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