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Bob Geldof 'hates' name daughter Peaches has given her baby

'Astalla' criticised by man who named child after fruit


Bob Geldof 'hates' name daughter Peaches has given her baby Photo: wenn

Bob Geldof has revealed that he hates the name his daughter Peaches gave to her newborn son, saying Astalla sounds like a girls name.

Peaches gave birth to her son last weekend, welcoming baby Astalla into the world alongside the child's Father, Tom Cohen of the band S.C.U.M.

However, one person who is not a fan of the name they opted for his Father Bob, who said that he fears the child will be bullied at school for the unusual name.

Chatting to The Sun, Bob said: “Yuck! I’ve actually been begging them to change it."

“What’s he going to be called in school? Ass? Stella? It’s a girl’s name, let’s face it.”

Bob Geldof famously has three daughter named Peaches, Pixie and Fifi Trixebelle so he knows his stuff when it comes to odd names.

However, Bob is happy to finally have a Grandson in his life after spending so much time around girls during the past 20 years or so. “I’ve swam in oestrogen my entire life, and now finally a little chap comes along. It’s great.”

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