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Mary J Blige demands fresh toilet seats at every gig

Website reveals diva's demands, including a fresh toilet seat at every gig


Mary J Blige demands fresh toilet seats at every gig Photo:

US R&B singer Mary J Blige demands a new toilet seat at every show, according to a leaked list of the diva's demands.

The star, who was recently embarassed by a US Burger King advert in which she sung the praises of fried chicken, is said to be so concerned with hygiene that she refuses to sit on a pre-used toilet seat.

The details, obtained by website The Smoking Gun, also reveal that Blige asks for red vine liquorice, Aveda candles and a loveseat for her dressing room, a fruit basket of green apples and a bundle of local take-out menus. she is also said to check into hotels under the name 'Mrs Jefferson'.

Watch Mary J Blige in her Burger King advert below.

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