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Bono helps Courtney Love buy apartment

From one rocker to another - Irish star writes character reference for Love


Bono helps Courtney Love buy apartment Photo:

Courtney Love has revealed how a character reference from U2 frontman Bono helped her secure a new apartment in Manhattan.

The former Hole frontwoman told the New York Daily News that she was not required to complete a credit check to move into the Nolita district in Manhattan but did need a character reference. Despite supplying a number, unsurprisingly, the letting agent opted for the one written by the world famous rocker.

"He wrote me a paragraph," says Love in the interview, before revealing how, shortly after moving in, upset a pregnant neighbour with loud music late at night.

"I’ve never gotten a noise complaint. It sounds really lame, being a rock star and all," Love added. "It’s all good now. I didn’t know! I don’t do noise complaints."

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