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The Ting Tings Discuss New Video 'Hang Up' - Watch

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The Ting Tings Discuss New Video 'Hang Up' - Watch Photo:

The Ting Tings choose to spontaneously shoot the video for 'Hang It Up' after visiting a Spanish skatepark.

“We met a load of skaters near where we were recording,” said drummer Jules de Martino.

“All the graffiti that we were doing in our artwork was kind of there in the skatepark. We just thought this is where the video has got to be shot,” he told Gigwise.

As well as directing the video themselves, the band also doubled up as a makeshift production crew.

Jules added: “We flew a mate down on a little EasyJet flight. He came down with a little Sony camera and we were there. Katie would be holding the lights, I'd be holding the lights, and we just kind of put the whole thing together.”

The Ting Tings new album 'Sounds From Nowheresvillle' is released on February 27.


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