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Rihanna's 'F*ck' Tweet Causes Upset Amongst Bollywood Stars

Singer criticised for action...


Rihanna's 'F*ck' Tweet Causes Upset Amongst Bollywood Stars Photo:

Rihanna's recent tweets have been criticised by Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan.

Actress Priyanka Chopra retweeted a recent post of Rihanna's which contained the word 'f*ck'.

The actress was was then slammed by Amitabh Bachan, who suggested that retweeting the post had the same effect as using it.

"F*ck I look like ho? I look like yes and ya look like no," posted Rihanna, which Chopra then forwarded to her Twitter followers.

Chopra later issued an apology to Bachchan following the upset: "Alright guys.imma b a good girl now and quietly go to work. teeheehee..think I shud shuttup for a bit.. Haha! have a brilliant day loves! (sic)," she later told her fans.

Meanwhile, Rihanna has admitted that she didn't realise that the word c*unt was an expletive.

The singer, who was recently slammed by fans for using the offensive word on Twitter, has claimed she had no idea it was a swear word.

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