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N-Dubz Star Fazer To Sample Sting's 'Englishman in New York'

The rapper reveals...


N-Dubz Star Fazer To Sample Sting's 'Englishman in New York' Photo:

N-Dubz's Fazer is set to sample Sting's 'Englishman In New York', it has been reported.

The rapper/producer is already working on the track, which was originally released back in 1988, reports The Sun.

A source told the newspaper: ''Fazer loves Sting and that tune in particular," a source revealed. "He's been working with it in the studio and has given it a brilliant overhaul.''

"What started as a bit of messing around has ended up as a track he wants out there. He's so chuffed that Sting agreed to it.

The insider added: "He's also desperate to work with Mick Jagger and is talking about getting in touch with him."

Meanwhile, N-Dubz star Fazer will produce this year's X Factor winner's single.

The rapper, who is currently dating X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos, has said that he hopes to bring a 'new flavour' to the act.

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