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Morrissey Speaks About London Riots, Royal Family At Brixton Gig

He performed in Brixton...


Morrissey Speaks About London Riots, Royal Family At Brixton Gig Photo: Carsten Windhorst

Morrissey commented on the ongoing violence and looting on the streets of London during his performance at Brixton Academy last night (August 7).

The former Smiths star, who attracted criticism last month when he compared the recent Norway massacre to the actions of fast food chains, was playing the first of two gigs in the capital.

Performing as rioting erupted in Brixton less than 24 hours after similar clashes in Tottenham, Morrissey criticised the prime minister's response to the incidents.

"Does anyone think that David Cameron has been to Tottenham? I don't think so," he told the crowd.

Later in the gig, Morrissey also referred to the student riots last December, according to the Evening Standard.

"In what our slanted media called the student riots, Charles and 'Camel' came face to face with the British public, without the protection of Buckingham Palace or the police,” he said.

“And what happened to them, I couldn't stop laughing about for weeks - no, months."

The violence in London was sparked by the killing by police of a father of four from Tottenham last week.

You can see photos from Morrissey's performance in Brixton below.

Morrissey live in Brixton

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