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Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber Songs 'Stolen By German Hackers'

Officials say...


Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber Songs 'Stolen By German Hackers' Photo:

Two German hackers stole songs from Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber and sold them online, it has been claimed.

Officials said a 17-year-old student and 23-year-old German man used a Trojan virus to obtain the tracks, many of which were subsequently rush-released by the musicians.

The pair hacked artists' computers for about 12 months before being discovered after a Kelly Clarkson fan alerted authorities.

The two individuals, who still live with their parents, earned more than 10,000 euros from the illegal sales, reports the Associated Press.

The student, an amateur DJ known as DJ Stolen, also allegedly downloaded a sexually comprising image of one artist.

Other artists’ whose music was stolen included Justin Timberlake and Kei$ha.

Duisburg chief prosecutor Rolf Haferkamp said the formal investigation would have to be completed before any criminal charges could be brought in January.

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