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Eminem Accused Of Miming At T In The Park 2010

Rapper comes under fire from festival-goers...


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Music fans have accused Eminem of miming during his headline set at T In The Park on Saturday (July 10).

The rapper played a career-spanning 29 song set at the event in Scotland, which marked his first full UK appearance in five years.

But many festival-goers have contacted Gigwise claiming that Eminem lip-synced along to a backing track.

Jack said: “His miming was awful, at one point he tried to say something and his mic was off. Disgusted!”

Another fan, Nelehgirl, said her brother attended the festival and was also left disappointed by the rapper's performance.

“He mimed at a supposed live festival and he dint even know he was in Balado - he seemed to think he was in Edinburgh,” she said.

But other fans have come to Eminem's defence, and insisted that he did perform live.

Someone called Yur Dah said: “Eminem doesn't mime he is just one of the very few artist who actually sounds live like he does on CD.”

And Wez added: “I was there, Eminem didnt mime. He just had his songs playin with him rappin over the top of them as he does most of the time he performs.”

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